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Randomly picked Time Of The Doctor up at the library this week.
Bloody good thing I did. I’d have been so confused when the new season started and it was Capaldi.
I HAD thought the Day of The Doctor was the last movie.







  • きんめちゃん
  • ほっケース
  • アジなケース
  • サンマさん


Oh man, I didn’t know there were more. I have the top one! My friend got it for me in Japan about a year ago.

Yes please!

These are so delightfully gross looking. I want one to carry with me every  time I leave the house.


mindsuckr said: I was REALLY happy when I saw 2 girls for the first time. I remember from it’s days of Something Awful when it was simply just scat.avi. It sounded so horrifying that it would be amazing, and I was not let down after all those years.

Oh jeez. Something Awful. I am always surprised when people don’t know what it is. Kind of how I’m always an odd mix of giddy and appalled when I hear that someone doesn’t know what efukt is.

Also, I need to trade your books in for new ones. Hopefully soon.

mindsuckr said: Weaklings. I mean we are the generation originally raised on troll sites like lemonparty and goatse that evolved into two girls and their ilk. Grow a pair (and plant them in some ass)

Indeed. I personally never understood the horror expressed over 2 Girls. I mean, I’ve seen videos of a woman shitting the length of a bowling alley, who the fuck cares that those two are into solid play? 

mindsuckr said: How dreggy are we talking here?

Basics such as The Prune Brothers and Tony Everedy’s “Nuts in tha ass.” The poor gents didn’t have a lot of patience with it. They said I was “RUINING” porn. I happen to think it makes it EVEN better.

mindsuckr said: I’m really drowsy right now and all I could think of was a dog whistle tuned for wolves. I read this three times trying to figure out if you stole the whistle or they gave it to you before I understood it was a cat call…

Heh. Yes, I suppose cat call is the more common term. Though it would have been particularly nice if someone HAD given me a special whistling device designed for wolves. 

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